View Full Version : New caddy diesel guy in Co.

20-08-2006, 04:06 AM
After much searching, I finally found a VW diesel at the right price and great condition. What's even more rare, the owner knew something about the vehicle! Amazing how many owners don't know when the tb, clutch, brakes and other parts were changed.
Anyway, glad to have found this forum. I will probably pick the brains of the experts here from time to time. After spending the last 15 years learning the ins and outs of keeping my '69 Jeepster Commando on the road, now I have to start all over again on the Caddy. At almost 1/3 the fuel useage (hopefully), it will be worth it.

20-08-2006, 05:39 AM
i love my 83...i get great fuel mileage, it rides great, and i cant get over the style these little trucks have. i get lots of looks wherever i go. I've had a few people offer to buy it from me and i love turning them down. good luck with yours and i hope you enjoy it as much as im enjoying mine.

20-08-2006, 11:35 AM
Welcome. You will love it, though I try to restart my Corolla everytime I drive it. It sounds like the engine's not running. The Caddy is slightly noisier:D
Yours looks to be in great shape. It's amazing what you can find if you're patient.