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  1. Arch roller anyone?
  2. Caddy pickup campervan
  3. Caddy sdi paintcode problem
  4. ANY bodywork questions...happy to help.
  5. anyone fitted or adapted a bodykit to mk2 caddy?
  6. mk3 handles on mk1
  7. Any really good bodywork repair websites?
  8. bumper clips
  9. Leaky Scaddy footwell
  10. mk2 van cills
  11. How Easy? Carbon Fibre!
  12. Chassis number relocation after rain tray removal
  13. Can anyone help with this.....??
  14. Picture request for the rubber that sits on the wing under the bonnet please
  15. Picture request for tailgate rubbers, I've got some need to see how they fit please
  16. Rain tray clips... Please
  17. Smooth Bay, Skuttle and Heater Delete, Heated Windscreen or De-Mist Links and Q's
  18. what grade sandpaper to use
  19. What waxoyl for cavities and inside doors
  20. Method for levelling out the rear quarter panel
  21. Tailgate
  22. Rear window seal for chrome trim
  23. Mk1 caddy door hinge pin anyone please
  24. The white stuff
  25. Caddy MK1 Sills
  26. Hammerite waxoyl woos
  27. fuel flap
  28. Caddy Mk2 Door Handle
  29. Cutting a caddy mk1 up to sell parts
  30. How do I repair small damage in paintwork?
  31. ibiza arch extensions on caddy van
  32. door check strap repair
  33. rear door panel removal
  34. Need to get my arches rolled properly
  35. bonnet light pod on mk1
  36. MK 2 Golf Roof mouldings
  37. Late model Caddy drivers door replacement
  38. Bloody rust!
  39. Fuel door and Pocket
  40. cupra front end
  41. How to replace my windscreen
  42. caddy sill trim
  43. mk3 golf door handles onto mk2 caddy
  44. Arch roll with a baseball bat?
  45. Arch Spats
  46. Where to buy paint supplies in surrey
  47. Load Bed mk1
  48. badgeless grill
  49. Chrome side strips
  50. Best way to deal with Grubby mk2 rear door handle?
  51. Quick advice needed about body putty!
  52. Bulk head cut, ADVICE please
  53. Popping a dent out that wont stay popped.
  54. How hard is it to weld seats Mk2 pickup?
  55. Floor plugs
  56. Mk2 caddy van paint code location
  57. Can anyone show me a close up pic of a rear wheel arch
  58. MK2 Van Splitter. What are my options?
  59. ifor williams top
  60. Fitting windscreen
  61. Will Seat Ibiza 3dr 6k handles fit a caddy van ?
  62. Advice on stone chip underseal, whats best?
  63. Plasti dip
  64. fiber glass tailgate
  65. tailgate
  66. Paint, primer, oxide??? Weird noise from the dash.
  67. Truckman top rubbers seals and locking mechanism anyone
  68. mk3 caddy bumpers
  69. Your thoughts on my coloured gti chin please?
  70. Caddy Bed Liner/Paint?
  71. How To: Fit A Bed Repair Section
  72. caddy mk2 van front splitter
  73. I want to change the door handles on my mk3 van?
  74. caddy mk1 front end
  75. MK2 Caddy pick up / felicia pick up windscreen seal
  76. I have a few slits and bumps on my bumper..
  77. I have quite a few stone chips on my van can anyone run me through how to fix this
  78. Old/Small/Metal bumper pics?
  79. Can i have the details of how to paint a plastic bumper? Standard van bumpers?
  80. rub strips
  81. bed repair
  82. In need of a rear roll pan for mk1 caddy WANTED!!
  83. Mk2 pickup rusty arches
  84. has any one ever used black sticker vinyl to black there back windows out on vans?
  85. has any one ever used black sticker vinyl to black there back windows out on vans?
  86. Body Hardware
  87. Rusty rear arches
  88. Sliding door
  89. anyone close??
  90. door seal config pics??
  91. Dumb paint question
  92. Towbar fixing/bolt holes
  93. Tailgate Restoration
  94. bottom corner door repair
  95. Chrome front bumper
  96. Pickup Bed Panel
  97. Water getting into cab!
  98. gazebo for respray??
  99. What type of paint to black out my rear windows?
  100. Recommended Window Tinters in Surrey / Hampshire????
  101. Mk2 caddy interior??????
  102. door pins
  103. Drainage holes
  104. sunroof fitting in a caddy mk2
  105. Wing mirrors
  106. Arch rust bubbles on caddy van. What sort of price to rectify?
  107. chassis rails, help please
  108. mk1 rear arches
  109. Caddy / Skoda mk2 pickup trims
  110. replacing rear bumper on a 2001 Caddy SDI
  111. Doors
  112. Mk 2 Caddy laquer as standard....?
  113. My van has a fair few scratches and when the sun hits it you can see the swirls...
  114. Inner Arch Liner
  115. Re texturing bumpers
  116. Inca but wanting to put Caddy front on it..what do i need?
  117. prep before clear?
  118. Rear shock bracket
  119. Wet sanding and polishing clear coat?
  120. tailgate modding
  121. Rattle cans and rusty spots....
  122. more paint questions, sorry
  123. Mk1 golf plastic wheel arch trim ?
  124. Question for Al, aka the boss
  125. Big holes?
  126. is there a step buy step guide on this forum of how to paint caddy bumpers? thanks
  127. Repairing door glass bracket
  128. Scuttle cover mk1 caddy,
  129. Wet sanding tips?
  130. chromed tailgate hinges
  131. Whistling sound Over 40 MPH
  132. How do i remove panels?
  134. Do the mk1 gti arch trims fit the caddy
  135. Does any other bumper other than vw touran straight fit to a mk3 caddy 05 model?
  136. EKTA ref number needed please.
  137. Splitters??? Any one know what splitter this is?????
  138. Mk1 rear light guards
  139. What paint code is this and where can i find the chrome trim?
  140. Rear cab window repair panel
  141. Rear bed replacement
  142. New paint...when can I wash
  143. Bed thickness
  144. Rear corner posts/panels/whatever you call them....
  145. Repair Panels
  146. Lws design fibre glass bed
  147. Custom flat bed mk2 pickup
  148. MK1 Golf Sills
  149. MK1 inner sill replacement
  150. Upol raptor bed liner, who's used it?
  151. mk2 caddy pick up front end
  152. Mk2 caddy pickup
  153. Stone chip, what area to paint?
  154. Alternative front bumpers
  155. Tailgate Lock mechanism not working properly - Help needed!
  156. Alternative bonnet catches...
  157. Bed replacement panel
  158. paint striping
  159. mk1 caddy fibreglass canopy with doors, whats it worth????
  160. Resprays South Wales?
  161. any sprayers or painters on at the mo?
  162. Mk1 Caddy Rear Arches
  163. Rear bulkhead swap/repair
  164. mk3 mirrors
  165. How long is the tailgate opening wire?
  166. Small Bumper Fitment.....duuuurrr
  167. More Caddy Specicfic replacement panels
  168. Tailgate Lettering... Yes or No?
  169. Scuttle trim clips......
  170. Rear light screw size?
  171. What Under seal is best to use?
  172. Best mirrors to fit to my caddy
  173. Best way to fit a new bed panel?
  174. Tailgate door very difficult to open and close
  175. Front panel welded?
  176. Pic request: Ifor Williams clamps / body fittings
  177. spot light brackets - MK2 van
  178. painting underneat
  179. Bodywork Preparation Wiki
  180. Painting Wiki
  181. Post Painting Wiki
  182. How bad is it?
  183. Bed side trim imposible to get :cry:
  184. well i got bored
  185. pocket sprung bed?
  186. caddy van repair panels
  187. Beetle window seal for rear caddy window?!
  188. Question for Sam Mubarek or any other detailers.
  189. Dark red or maroon colours
  190. spraying white in a booth woes
  191. 2011 VW Caddy Maxi Van Tie down Points
  192. Caddy / skoda pickup help mk2
  193. Help me sort this leak...
  194. Matt paint, why?
  195. Waistline trim
  196. Bumper repairs?
  197. Caddy 9k roof rack fittings
  198. mk1 Caddy exterior doorlock/handle
  199. Caddy 2k Front Bumper
  200. Fibreglass tailgates
  201. Mk1 Caddy inner rear wheel arches?
  202. Mk1 caddy tailgate stuck
  203. MK1 Caddy Windscreen
  204. Paint problem
  205. beige/cream/off white colours?
  206. Can I buy the parts?
  207. Fitting truckman top without drilling
  208. Caddy mk2 van with polo 6n2 front end ?
  209. paint code
  210. glass repair
  211. Dismantling tailgate mechanism and tailgate
  212. Mk1 interior cab dimension
  213. Can i use normal etch primer prior to using wrinkle paint?
  214. Polo 6n2 Front end
  215. 2010 Caddy rear mat/liner help
  216. Request for pics of tailgate mechanism/handle etc
  217. ibiza 3dr door fit caddy mk2?
  218. reparing mk1 panels...
  219. VW Caddy MK1 Roll Pan Availability
  220. Repair panels... inner front wing
  221. Paint work questions, please help!
  222. First DIY Respray
  223. Fuel Flap
  224. Tailgate Latch (Body)
  225. MK1 Caddy Tailgate Mechanism
  226. paint on my exhaust...
  227. Mk2 front panel
  229. MK1 caddy check strap problem
  230. Mk2 caddy 2001 door locks
  231. Chemical Rust stabilisers / Converters
  232. reshaping a plastic bumper?
  233. Tips for painting with black satin paint
  234. Mk1 caddy truckman top seal
  235. Discounted wheel arch roller flairing tool ONE DAY ONLY
  236. Old Porsche colour
  237. Front fender/wing mounting: sealer?
  238. Best way to paint a van roof???
  239. Door Compatability- Caddy/Caddy maxi
  240. Using Rocket Accelerator and thinners question...
  241. Did something stupid..
  242. DIY Rust removal
  243. Opinions please..
  244. Wings
  245. Textured section on B pillar?
  246. arch repair panels
  247. stone chip repair prior to paint
  248. Oh dear.......fish eyes!!
  249. Restoring old paintwork
  250. MK1 grill clips...